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This is a wiki for ENSC 312 – Biometeorology that provides information that is supplemental to the course and the material held on the course webpage at

For Lab 1 of the course part of the assignment is to collaboratively create a webpage that has links to 10 or so (each!) “best” URLs (Universal Resource Locators) of information and data related to Biometeorology and Boundary Layer Meteorology. You should enter this information into this wiki by editing it below. You should categorize the information by the major headings shown below. Each URL should be accompanied by a brief paragraph describing what the location contains. At the end of your entry, put your initials in bold so that I can mark it.

Hints: use Google; try different search engines; search on course keywords you can extract from the course outline and text table of contents; try some of the URLs listed in the ENSC 312 homepage.

Web Links for ENSC 312: Biometeorology / Boundary Layer Meteorology

Below, by major category, is an annotated list of internet resources related to Biometeorology. The list was assembled as an exercise by the students in the class.

Educational Sites

UNBC ENSC 312 Homepage This site is a course homepage for a third year course in Biometeorology. It includes links to lab exercises and other course information. [PLJ]

Radiation This website describes the usefulness of radiation and some safety knowledge. [JH]

Biometeorology Glossary A glossary that defines biometeorology terms. [SP]

Science Daily Research news about Climate and Weather. [AY]

National Centers for Environmental Information The NCEI provides information and data on the climate and other environmental impacts. [CR]

JetStream JetStream is an online school service from the National Weather Service that provides information on introductory weather topics, including the earth-atmosphere balance and vertical layers of the atmosphere. [SW]

Britannica Online encyclopedia with information on atmospheric science. [GG]

Urban Heat Islands Website that contains information on urban heat islands as well as maps showing data. [GG]

Reading Surface Charts This webpage describes how to read and interpret surface charts [TR]

Weather Instruments This webpage contains descriptions and uses for various weather instruments [TR]

Soil Temperature This PDF provides an overview for determining soil temperature variations with depth, including a glossary of terms and a bibliography [TR]

Energy Balance This webpage explains the energy balance within the earth-atmosphere system. [TR]

Wikipedia Wikipedia page for Biometeorolgy. Good introduction to the field. [RM]

Scale Classes This webpage explains climate and weather phenomenon based on the scale of the event, as well as including examples. [MS]

Cartesian Coordinates This webpage explains cartesian coordinates in a more in-depth way, covering how to use them in a single or 3D plane, giving multiple examples along the way. [MS]

Wind Components U & V This article takes a look at wind components, explaining the difference between Mathematical and Meteorological wind angles, how to convert between U and V vectors, how to calculate a wind vector from the wind speed and direction, and how surface maps are made using the components. [MS]

Weather and Meteorology Glossary A glossary put together by the Government of Canada commonly used in the public forecasting program and weather observations. [MS]

Turbulence (Wikipedia) A broader look at how Turbulence works in terms of both air and fluids. [MJ]

Boundary Layer Heat Transfer This website's article goes in-depth on the topic of heat moving through the boundary layer. [MJ]

Interactive Air Pollution Model This site provides an interactive air pollution model, taking into account environmental factors such as wind, temperature, sunlight, and rain. [JC]

PBS LearningMedia Earth and Space Science This site provides information relates to earth and space science. Topics in this site include atmospheric composition, the structure of the atmosphere, wind and atmospheric circulation, etc. [JC]

Thermodynamics - Khan Academy This site provides in-depth lessons on topics related to thermodynamics. Topics that are relevant to this class are 1st law of thermodynamics, specific heat, and latent heat, etc. [JC]

Penman-Monteith Equation This site provides background information on the Penman-Monteith Equation, a method for determining reference evapotranspiration [JC]

Learn About Heat Islands - USEPA This site provides information about the Urban Heat Island (UHI) and related mitigation strategies. [JC]

Land Surface Temperature & Vegetation This site shows the effect of vegetation on average monthly land surface temperature in degrees Celsius. The information is collected by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite. [JC]

research activities in basic and applied meteorology, climatology, ecosystem analysis Sustainability related to food, climatic, meteorological and energy emergencies.[YZ]

[ Urban human-biometeorology: Investigations in Freiburg] Local climate zones cause specic hu-man-biometeorological conditions for citizens.[YZ]

Research Institutions

Institute of Biometeorology The Institute of Biometeorology of the National Research Council, Italy is a public no-profit research institution engaged in a wide spectrum of research activities in basic and applied meteorology [AY]

KU Biometeorology Lab The KU Biometeorology Lab is a research lab at the University of Kansas with research centered around land-atmosphere interactions. [CR]

National Center for Atmospheric Research The NCAR is a research center in the United States focusing on climate research and other closely related fields. [CR]

UGA Biometeorology Lab The UGA Biometeorology Lab is a research group from the University of Georgia with a focus on the exchange of gases between the atmosphere and the vegetation. [SP]

RMetS The Royal Meteorological Society is an international organization that publishes open-source research and information on weather sciences. This society also offers an opportunity for people within the field of meteorology to communicate with one another. [SW]

Mesoscale Group The Mesoscale group is a group of researchers who publish meteorological research. [TR]

UBC Biometeorology and Soil Physics Group This group studies the effects of climate variability and to better understand the micrometeorological and physiological processes controlling the balance between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. [MS]

Scientific Organizations

Canadian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society A group working towards advancements in Meteorological, Oceanographic and other environmental science related fields [SD]

Biometeorology This website is used to collect and provide information about the field of biometeorology.[JH]

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA is an agency that works to understand and predict the climate, as well as provide daily updates on weather, imagery and more. [SP]

International Society of Biometeorology The ISB is a group of scientists from around the world who work on the development of Biometeorology. [SP]

Students and New Professionals Group of International Society of Biometeorology A group of young researchers and educators working to share knowledge of Biometeorology. [AY]

National Geographic Society that offers scientific information of meteorological topics.[GG]

Natural Resource Defense Council NRDC is an organization that works to ensure clean air and water are available to people around the world. [GG]

American Meteorology Society International community with the aim to advance climate, weather, and other related science. They publish several different journals. [RM]

Instant Formatting Template Boundary-Layer Meteorology has become the primary medium for the publication of theoretical, numerical and experimental studies of the atmospheric boundary layer over both land and sea surfaces.[YZ]

Urban Boundary Layer Meteorology Project Investigate in detail the boundary layer structure in the City of Basel, Switzerland. [YZ]

Research Projects

Working with Daily Climate Model Output Data in R and the futureheatwaves Package A model for R used to ease the process of identifying, and exploring multi-day extreme events in climate model output. [AY]

A Method for Estimating Planetary Boundary Layer Heights and Its Application over the ARM Southern Great Plains Site Research of using lidar images to estimate the height of the Planetary Boundary Layer. [AY]

Urban heat islands This project discusses the impact of urban planning on urban heat islands. [JH]

Rougheness on boundary layer This project is used to determine the effect of roughness on boundary layer transition. [JH]

Beijing's air pollution This article describes how the atmospheric boundary layer affects Beijing’s air pollution.[JH]

Depth of the boundary layer Researchers discover a new method of measuring the depth of the boundary layer.[JH]

Air pollutants In this paper, the author analyzes and counts pollutants in the air, and they got the amount of dispersion depends on the type of turbulence.[JH]

UBiPlan This project, based in Greece, aims at analyzing the distribution of thermal properties in urban microclimates. The goal of the project is to improve urban planning methods to allow for greater sustainability in these areas, as an attempt to combat against the climate change associated with urbanization. [SW]

Climate Change and Biometeorology As anthropogenic forces change and influence the climate in different ways, biometeorologists need to understand the change. This article covers past research papers while creating a framework for the future. [MS]

The role of the land surface in the climate system The role of the land surface in the climate system - This project by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) illustrates the affects land surface have on climates and it's importance to weather forecasts. [MJ]

A survey of human biometeorology This Survey is concerned with the relationship of man to his atmospheric environment.[YZ]

Boundary-Layer Meteorology A journal covering the technologies/fields/categories related to Atmospheric Science. [YZ]

Priorities for Boundary-Layer Meteorology Research in China China's community of boundary-layer meteorologists met to map a 5 to 10 years vision.[YZ]

Earth and Planetary Sciences Atmospheric Science The Research Letters section is designed to allow quick dissemination of new scientific findings, with an initial review period of no longer than one month.[YZ]

Government Sites

Government of Canada Weather Information Official weather information Environmental Government of Canada. [AY]

Radiation This official Canadian website introduces the types and sources of radiation, measurements, and health effects. [JH]

GOC Historical Data This site allows you to search past weather conditions and data in Canada [TR]

World Meteorological Organization WMO is an agency within the United Nations who promote cooperation in atmospheric science, meteorology, etc... [CR]

Canadian Weather Stations and Forecast Regions This resource from the government of Canada provides users with area maps of weather stations and the associated forecast regions of weather stations in Canada. [SW]

BC Climate Stations This is a climatic data catalogue from local weather stations distributed by the government of British Columbia. [SW]

Environmental Protection Agency This is a US agency that provides information and data on air pollution. [GG]

National Research Council NRC is a federal research and development organization that publishes research related to biometeorology. [GG]

Climate Data Online Climate Data Online (CDO) provides free access to NCDC's archive of global historical weather and climate data in addition to station history information. [YZ]

Weather Data Sites

Weather Viewer (WxV) This site compiles and animates real-time weather imagery from the web, including satellite, radar, weather map analyses, numerical weather prediction model outputs, vertical profiles, etc. [PLJ]

California air quality This website has updated the air quality in California. [JH]

BC air quality This website has updated the air quality in British Columbia. [JH]

SpotWx This site shows location based weather forecasts allowing you to select various weather models. [RM] Windy is an interactive site where you can observe real-time weather and pollution phenomena around the world [TR]

NASA Geostationary Weather Sat. Images This site allows you to view current weather satellite images [TR]

ArcGIS Indicators of the Planet A dashboard that provides daily and weekly updates on air quality, natural hazards, sea level, global temperature, etc. [SP]

NOAA A site that allows you to view various weather elements. [AY]

Purple Air This site shows real time data of worldwide air quality. [SP]

Global Climate Data This site has a dashboard for global climate watch as well as a free dataset gallery for climate data. [SP]

World Weather Information Service This site shows real time weather and forecasts for locations worldwide. [CR]

OpenWeather This site shows forecasts and weather maps worldwide. [CR]

Climate Data Climate Data provides past data along with climate projections that can be localized to specific locations [CR]

Climate Atlas Climate Atlas is a site that shows the past, present and predicted future climate of Canada. [SP]

IPCC Data Distribution Centre The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Data Distribution Centre contains historical and current climatic data, and uses this data as the foundation for climate projections. [SW]

Pacific Northwest Environmental Forecasts and Observations This website, created by the Northwest Regional Modeling Consortium, acts as a hub for various sources of meteorological information in the Pacific Northwest, including satellite imagery, extreme weather watches, and air quality control. [SW]

IQAir IQAir provides global air quality maps and data. [GG]

World Air Quality Index WAQI shows global air quality maps and data. [GG]

Mountain Weather forecast This forecast by Avalanche Canada covers the mountains of Western Canada and explains the forecast in great detail which is missing from many other forecasts. [RM]

Environment Canada Federal department publicly offering weather forecasts, satellite imagery, weather radar, climate data, air quality, marine forecasts and hydrological data amongst many other things. [RM]

Canadian & Provincial Air Quality Health Indexes Lists data from weather stations in major cities across Canada into a table and states the index for a city, as well as the risk associated. [MS]

Ventusky - Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps This site is a real-time weather map that contains information on temperature, precipitation, wind speed, air pressure, humidity, and snow cover, etc. [JC]

UBC Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences ESB Rooftop Weather Station This site provides graphic visualization on daily weather data collected by the UBC EOAS ESB Rooftop Weather Station [JC]

obtain access to ECMWF forecast datasets and charts Access to forecasts datasets.[YZ]

Research Data Sites

International Journal of Biometeorology This journal publishes research related to biometeorology [TR]

Atmospheric Pollution Research This journal publishes research related to atmospheric pollution [TR]

Boundary-Layer Meteorology Journal This journal publishes research that is related to the the atmospheric boundary layer. [SP]

UNBC Library Research database of UNBC. [AY]

Academia This is a research site with peer reviewed journals in biometeorology and other topics. [CR]

Research Gate Research Gate is a site where researchers can share and review journals in scientific and related topics. [CR]

MPDI The Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute offers access to open-source scientific articles. This particular link directs to the biometeorology section of the website. [SW]

Advances in Meteorology This is a peer-reviewed journal that covers meteorological topics such as climate modeling and climate change. [SW]

Atmosphere A peer-reviewed journal of atmospheric sciences and studies. [ME]

Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology Journal that publishes research on meteorology and climatology including boundary layer processes. [RM]

Journal of Hydrometeorology This journal publishes articles related to the fluxes and storage of energy and water, including interactions with the boundary layer and lower atmospheric layers. [MS]

AMS Meteorologial Monographs A thematic collection of papers and other materials in meteorology and closely related fields that do not otherwise appear in the American Meteorological Society Journals. [MS]

Earth Interactions This journal publishes research about the interactions between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, and lithosphere, as well as the impacts related to humans. [MS]

Atmosphere-Ocean This is the principal scientific journal of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS), containing published papers from all fields of atmospheric, oceanographic, and hydrological sciences. [MS]

Science Direct An interdisciplinary journal and book publisher. This will bring you to their Environmental Pollution journal where one can search for anything regarding pollutants, especially air pollutants. [MJ]

International Journal of Epidemiology This section of the International Epidemiological Association journal provides many papers on the hazardous effects air pollution has on the human body. [MJ]

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences A collection of papers associated with the American Meteorological Society. [ME]

Software Manuals

R Manual This free pdf manual provides a good introduction to R, discussing simple manipulations, objects, factors, reading data, probability distributions, statistics, and basic plotting. [PLJ]

Intro to Data Visualization in R This site introduces data visualization in R using weather data. [SP]

WEATHER RESEARCH AND FORECASTING MODEL WRF is a next-generation mesoscale numerical weather prediction system designed for both atmospheric research and operational forecasting applications. [AY]

Programming in R This is an introductory programming manual for R created by the Institute for Integrative Genome Biology. All of the topics required for understanding the basics of R programming are discussed here. [SW]

RTutorial This site provides an introduction with some basic functions you can use in R. [CR]

R weather data package An R package that helps fetch weather data from the web to use as a data frame. [RM]

Stella and iThink Version 1.2.2 This site provides a user guide on STELLA, a program used for environmental modelling. [JC]

rwunderground Package This is a package on RStudio that lets the user gather historical weather and forecast data from [ME]

ROpenWeatherMap This is a package on RStudio that lets the user obtain current weather data in multiple locations sourced from OpenWeatherMap,org. [ME]

OpenAir Manual This is a package on RStudio that helps to analyse air pollution and some weather data. [ME]