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This is a wiki for ENSC 312 – Biometeorology that provides information that is supplemental to the course and the material held on the course webpage at

For Lab 1 of the course part of the assignment is to collaboratively create a webpage that has links to 10 or so (each!) “best” URLs (Universal Resource Locators) of information and data related to Biometeorology and Boundary Layer Meteorology. You should enter this information into this wiki by editing it below. You should categorize the information by the major headings shown below. Each URL should be accompanied by a brief paragraph describing what the location contains. At the end of your entry, put your initials in bold so that I can mark it.

Hints: use Google; try different search engines; search on course keywords you can extract from the course outline and text table of contents; try some of the URLs listed in the ENSC 312 homepage.

Web Links for ENSC 312: Biometeorology / Boundary Layer Meteorology

Below, by major category, is an annotated list of internet resources related to Biometeorology. The list was assembled as an exercise by the students in the class.

Educational Sites

UNBC ENSC 312 Homepage This site is a course homepage for a third year course in Biometeorology. It includes links to lab exercises and other course information. [PLJ]

Research Institutions

Scientific Organizations

Canadian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society A group working towards advancements in Meteorological, Oceanographic and other environmental science related fields [SD]

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA is an agency that works to understand and predict the climate, as well as provide daily updates on weather, imagery and more. [SP]

Research Projects

Government Sites

Government of Canada Weather Information Official weather information Environmental Government of Canada. [AY]

GOC Historical Data This site allows you to search past weather conditions and data in Canada [TR]

Climate Data Climate Data provides past data along with climate projections that can be localized to specific locations [CR]

Weather Data Sites

Weather Viewer (WxV) This site compiles and animates real-time weather imagery from the web, including satellite, radar, weather map analyses, numerical weather prediction model outputs, vertical profiles, etc. [PLJ]

SpotWx This site shows location based weather forecasts allowing you to select various weather models. [RM] Windy is an interactive site where you can observe real-time weather and pollution phenomena around the world [TR]

NASA Geostationary Weather Sat. Images This site allows you to view current weather satellite images [TR]

ArcGIS Indicators of the Planet A dashboard that provides daily and weekly updates on air quality, natural hazards, sea level, global temperature, etc. [SP]

NOAA A site that allows you to view various weather elements. [AY]

Research Data Sites

International Journal of Biometeorology This journal publishes research related to biometeorology [TR]

Software Manuals

R Manual This free pdf manual provides a good introduction to R, discussing simple manipulations, objects, factors, reading data, probability distributions, statistics, and basic plotting. [PLJ]