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This is a wiki for ENSC 408 – Storms that provides information that is supplemental to the course and the material held on the course webpage at

For Lab 1 of the course part of the assignment is to collaboratively create a webpage that has links to two “best” URLs (Universal Resource Locators) of information and data related to Middle-latitude cyclones / storms for each of the categories below. You should enter this information into this wiki by editing it below. You should categorize the information by the major headings shown below. Each URL should be accompanied by a brief paragraph describing what the location contains. At the end of your entry, put your initials in bold so that I can mark it.

Hints: use Google; try different search engines; search on course keywords you can extract from the course outline and text table of contents; try some of the URLs listed in the ENSC 408 homepage.

Web Links for ENSC 408: Storms

Below, by major category, is an annotated list of internet resources related to Storms. The list was assembled as an exercise by the students in the class.

Upper Air Weather Map Analyses

UNBC Weather Viewer (WxV) Analysis Page This site is the UNBC WxV page that lists loops for AVN CMC and GFS surface and upper air charts. [PLJ]

University of Wyoming upper air charts This site can produce many different air charts over different areas at various heights [AI]

UQAM Weather Centre Upper Air Analysis Coloured upper air charts over North America [AI]

College of DuPage Upper Air Analysis Current time Canada upper surface maps [AY]

NOAA upper air analyse Can project upper surface weather maps on chosen locations and heights. [AY]

Nav canada upper air Nav Canada upper air analyses charts over North America at various heights. [AH]

National Weather Service Pressure Charts NWS upper air analysis charts over North America. [ME]

WeatherOnline Upper Analysis Charts Upper air analysis charts over North America. [ME]

Worldwide upper air charts Current worldwide Upper air analysis charts. [AH]

Surface Weather Map Analyses

UNBC WxV Surface Analysis This link is the Environment Canada Surface Analysis.[PLJ]

UQAM Surface Analysis This link is the Meteocentre Canada weather surface analysis .[ME]

National Weather Service Surface Analysis This link provides Surface Analysis over Alaska and BC.[ME]

Mcgill Surface weather maps across the US and Canada [AY]

Weather Bug Surface temperature maps in Fahrenheit [AY]

North American Surface Analysis A coloured surface analysis over North America [AI] Canadian Surface Weather map with, weather forecasts [AI]

Canadian Aviation surface chart Current, forecasted and previous surface analyses charts for Canada overlain with Radar. [AH]

El Dorado Surface charts 3 day surface analyses chart animation for Canada by El Dorado weather. [AH]

Numerical Forecast Charts

Spot Weather NWP forecasts at chosen locations [PJ]

Farm Zone 7 day Prince George weather forecast [AY]

Windy This is a map and NWP combined weather forecast website. [AY]

WXCharts Forecasts at Prince George using stacked plots that provide numerical data when scrolled over[ME]

UQAM Weather Centre Various Numerical Weather Systems for North America [AI]

CIMSS Regional Assimilation System Various numerical weather analysis models and forecast [AI]

MeteoBlue Weather Forecast Short- and long-term weather forecasts for various models [ME]

The Weather Network Weekly weather forecast chart for Prince George from the Weather Network. [AH]

Open Weather Forecast Graphs of daily forecasts of temperature, precipitation, along with weather conditions for Prince George by Open Weather. [AH]

Vertical Soundings

NCAR Skew-T/Log-P diagrams NCAR Skew-T/Log-P diagrams for Prince George at Massey and Ospika. Weather balloon released once every 12 hours at 12Z UTC and 00Z UTC [PJ]

University of Wyoming Vertical sounding in word form, Prince George station ZXS [AY]

UQAM Weather Centre Soundings (Skew-T) / Canada [AY]

GOES Satellite Soundings Vertical Soundings for Kelowna (CYLW) [ME]

CoD Soundings Upper air soundings for Prince George (CYXS) from the College of DuPage. [AH]

PivotalWeather Vertical Soundings Vertical soundings for North America provided upon selection. [ME]

GOES Satellite Sounding Vertical Sounding for Vancouver, BC [AI]

NOAA Storm Prediction Centre Satellite Soundings over mostly America and southern Canada [AI]

Plymouth Soundings Sounding Data worldwide available by station name or location by Plymouth state university. Can be downloaded as a profile or text. [AH]

Surface Weather Reports

UQAM Weather Centre Surface snowfall observations over Canada [AI]

UQAM Weather Centre Lightning Detection over the Pacific [AI]

The National Center for Atmospheric Research Real-time Weather Data [AY]

Whistler Black Comb Weather reports around Whistler Resort. [AY]

"Windy" weather report Visual map of wind directions in British Columbia; other weather data available. [ME]

Darky Sky Temperature Map Visual map temperatures globally. [ME]

BC weather Current weather, temperature and wind maps for British Columbia (zoom in to see PG). [AH]

Current Conditions PG Current weather conditions (air and dew point temp, humidity, etc.) for Prince George from El Dorado Weather. [AH]

Satellite Imagery

A Global Map of Wind, Weather, and Ocean Conditions A cool interactive display of global wind patterns (among other things) at various heights. Clicking 'earth' in the bottom left allows for one to customize the data being displayed. [BN]

An Improved Global Map of Wind, Weather, and Ocean Conditions A cool interactive display of global wind patterns (among other things) at various heights. Displays current conditions (derived from model outputs) as well as forecasts [BN]

NOAA GOES Image Viewer Various satellite imagery available in loops for BC and the Pacific Ocean. [ME]


NOAA Goes E visible Visible satellite loops for over Goes-E. [AY]

Weather Underground Visible satellite images over the US. [AY]


Global infrared satellite imageGlobal satellite imagery showing clouds by temperature [AI]

Enhanced Infrared Imagery Infrared satellite imagery for British Columbia provided by Accu Weather. [AH]

Water Vapour

NOAA GOES-East Image viewer Upper level water vapour tracking animations [AI]

CBC Satellite Viewer CBC water vapour satellite imagery over radar imagery for British Columbia. [AH]

Accuweather Satellite Imagery Water Vapour Satellite for North America [ME]

Worded Weather Forecasts

Weather Canada Weather Forecast Hourly Forecast for Prince George [AI] Climate Change Data and Forecasts for Prince George [AI]

El Dorado Weather 7 day worded weather forecast for Prince George by El Dorado Weather. [AH]

Clear Sky Chart Hourly weather forecast for Prince George including estimated cloud cover. [AH]

World Weather Online Worded forecasts for chosen locations. [AY]

Almanac Short passages of weather forecasts for chosen locations. [AY] Forecast Several weather forecasts for selected locations. [ME]

MyWeather2 Forecast Hourly and long-term weather forecasts for Prince George. [ME]

Radar Imagery

UQAM Weather Centre Radar images on North America or chosen locations. [AY]

NavCan Radar and Forecasts Radar composites over Canada [AI]

The Weather Network Radar Maps Environment Canada data over layed on google maps [AI]

AccuWeather Radar Map AccuWeather radar over British Columbia [AH]

Nav Canada Radar Nav Canada Radar imagery for large cities across Canada. [AH]

Aviation Weather Centre AWC radar for canada. [AY]

Live Weather Radar Weather Radar over US and Canada. [AY]

Environment Canada Weather Radar Canada Weather Radar. [ME]

Weather Underground Radar Weather radar available for North America upon zooming in. [ME]